Here are some reviews from some happy Nudger users:


Wanted to let you know my girlfriend likes the bracelet so much that the people who help her with hearing impaired equipment are very excited about your bracelet and they would like to know how to purchase it. She is enjoying it and it helps her when she is in the office so people don’t have to yell at her. Let us know when it is available for purchase!

Smiling on!!



My name is Dr. Shane Cutting.  I am a chiropractor in a busy office and I use the Nudger.  My team uses it to discretely get my attention while I am working with patients.   It works fantastic.  The Nudger looks professional and is very comfortable to wear as it is extremely light weight and durable.  I highly recommend this product and its versatility.

Shane A. Cutting


Hi Carmen,

We have really enjoyed the bracelet and it has worked out great for us!  I have been passing it around to staff to utilize and will ask them for further feedback next week.

Thanks again, this is great!

Calla Rovario


I like the looks of it – attractive and would not draw negative attention.
I like the ease of use.
My grandson really likes it – we have experimented with it in the yard and he gets the idea of looking at me when it vibrates.
Thanks for this opportunity to try this product.  I will continue to let you know how it works especially in public places like the park or museum. 



Great concept, works awesome for bartenders to go get their food in kitchen.
Elda Abate


Thus far it is a great and it’s light vibrating gets your attention. There is one thing I don’t understand is how do the people around me know what to do with only one button to use. And I don’t know the distance yet but I will see what I can find out for you. It is light weight and easy to use.
My daughter says that it is great because I have a hard time hearing and she is able to take the button and get my attention easy being as she is extremely soft spoken. This is as of day two. I will send you more information about this one at the beginning of the week. I have a convention to go to this weekend and it will be perfect for me.
Kristie Hodges


The bracelet is working quite well. My husband gets a kick out of pressing and alerting me when he really doesn’t need anything.

Michelle Armstrong



It’s been working great.
It wears well just like a watch.
As for overall performance, you have a very promising product.

I love it!


Well, I have good news. He has gotten use to it. He sometimes let’s me know when the battery is low. He doesn’t fuss any more when I use the remote control to get his attention. Again, thank you.
Pamela Williams



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