We have tested it and it has reached easily up to 80′ in an open area.  It will go through some walls             depending on what they are made of.  you will just have to see what your nudger will do.


It will vibrate for approximately 3 seconds with the push of the remote control button.


You can pair more than one receiver to a  remote.  But you cannot have more remotes per receiver.

How long should the battery last….

Depending on use, your battery charge should last up to three days, two with heavy usage.  The Lithium battery should last up to 300 charges.


Are they waterproof. 

No they are not

Do they come in different colors.  

Not at this time, but hopefully in the future

What size do they come in. 

One size pretty much fits all, we are working on extenders for those with larger wrists.